I've decided against doing the Keep Austin Weird 5K

The race is at 6pm. Unless some freak cold front is supposed to blow through by next weekend, it sounds entirely miserable. And I'm not dying to see any of the bands playing at the festival, so the choice was easy.

Running is kind of bumming me out lately. No matter what time I go, it's so miserably hot that I don't look forward to it, I don't enjoy it once I'm out there, and it's WAY too hot to take Riley, so I get home all hot and sweaty and still have to walk him, which sort of ruins half the reason I started running in the first place (which was to exercise us both at the same time).

Hey, weather gods? I'm not really complaining, because this is awesome kayaking weather, but would a bit of rain kill you? It's kind of miserable down here.


Today is my three-year anniversary at my current job, the longest solid stretch of time I have ever worked at the same place (I was at my last job for about 4 1/2 years, but I left and came back twice). It is slightly surreal to me that I've come to the same office, sat at the same desk, and done pretty much the same job virtually every weekday for THREE YEARS. It really does feel like my life is slipping by at an alarmingly fast pace.

I have lived in my current apartment for a little over 3 1/2 years now. Aside from the house I grew up in, it's the longest I've ever lived anywhere.

Am I becoming settled? Am I settling?
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Who gets sick in the summer?!

I've managed to pick up some yucky cold - my nose is all congested, especially when I lie down, so I've gotten next to no sleep for the past two nights, and I have a sore throat. This sucks.
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Just found out that the Moonlight Margarita Run is $60 for both the run and the party. Supposedly the party is worth it, and I certainly want to support the Town Lake Trail Foundation, but ... damn. Maybe I'll just do the race ($30) and do a birthday dinner somewhere else after. Or maybe there are better ways to spend my birthday.

I heart crazy people

I love that even in Texas, there are people insane enough to schedule evening running events in the middle of the summer. Check out this lineup:

Keep Austin Weird 5K June 28
Bat Run 5K July 13
Moonlight Margarita Run 5K August 7
Nike Human Race 10K August 31

All of these things start at 6:30pm or later. Hooray! It's like I created them or something. I'm definitely planning to do one, two, or maybe all three of the 5Ks, and possibly the 10K, but that decision will come a bit later. I'm currently up to running 2 miles pain-free (a mere TWO MONTHS after my Cap 10K IT band issues), but I'm confident that I'll be up for 3 miles four weeks from now, when the first 5K is. We'll have to see about another 6-miler, although I do think it sounds like a pretty cool event.

Anyone want to join me for any of the insanity? Especially for my birthday margarita run?
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Giving up?

One of my favorite episodes of Seinfeld is the one in which Jerry tells George that wearing sweatpants in public is like announcing to the world that you've given up. I don't really ever wear sweatpants, so there's little danger of that happening, but today I'm wearing my yoga pants at work and I have to wonder if they send the same message. It does seem kind of lazy to think "Well, I'm going to yoga after work (10 hours from now) anyway, so why bother putting on real clothes now?"

In my defense, my yoga pants are much cuter than sweatpants.


I think the area around the upper Guadalupe got some rain over the weekend, because it spiked decently on Friday/Saturday and currently still has enough water to be paddle-able (maybe a bit scrapey). I don't know if it will stay high enough through next weekend, but it's worth checking.

But no one has really responded to my post (or Kat's original post) about what type of paddling we're hoping to do next weekend (assuming folks still want to go next weekend).



In Friday's yoga class we did some pretty deep hip openers/stretches. They mostly felt great, and I know I need to work on that area, but I think I went too deep and/or held too long on one stretch - I could feel it a little more than I probably should have deep in my left ... well, the left side of my butt, right around where I think the IT band starts. But it felt fine after class, so I didn't worry about it.

Then last night I went running, and afterward it hurt. I'm still running pretty short distances since the IT band irritation, but my last few runs have been pain-free and I'm really excited about that. I'm going to be damn unhappy if I've re-aggravated the injury doing yoga, which is supposed to be helping. :( I tried to do some of the same yoga stretches after the run to try and stretch it out again, but I'd run on the Town Lake Trail and parked at Edward's house, so I was doing my stretching at his house, and Luna was trying to molest me while I stretched. :/

Note to self

It's best not to check river flow rates when storms are moving through the area. I keep seeing spikes and getting all excited. But really, it's been so dry that the spikes are something like a river going from 30 cfs to 100. Not terribly helpful.

But I did have a thought for our kayak trip - we could paddle the Colorado below Austin. I understand it's pretty slow-moving there, but at least it's somewhere we haven't been (I've never paddled there either) and there's plenty of water.

Some links:
An outfitter that does rentals for the section near Bastrop
A place near Weberville that rents on that section of the river (a little closer to town)
Description of the river (this is an awesome site in general for all Texas rivers)

Also, this isn't terribly exciting, but if anyone is up for a Town Lake paddle, the Austin Kayak Meetup is going at 11am this Saturday. In my attempts to meet more kayakers, I'm going, so if anyone else wants to come along.... :)